Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Huntington, O. and Watson, A. “Interdisciplinarity, Sustainability, and How the Riddles Can Teach in an Era of Rapid Climate Change,” Wicazo Sa Review, 2012 (50% contribution).

Watson, A. “I Crashed the Boat and Wept: Localizing the “Field” in Critical Geographic Practice,” for Emotion, Space and Society, 2012 (published online Nov 2011; print forthcoming).

Robards, M., Meek, C., Burns, J., and Watson, A. “Limitations of an Optimum Sustainable Population or Potential Biological Removal Approach for Conserving Marine Mammals: Pacific Walrus Case Study,” Journal of Environmental Management, 2009 91(1): 57-66 (25% contribution).

Courses Taught

  • Cultures, Econs., & Envir. Governance (EVSS 695)
  • Social Science Methods for Envir. Studies (EVSS 632)
  • Geog. of Native Lands and Indian Law (POLS 339)
  • Environmental Geo. (POLS 310)

Out in the Field
Field Work in "Bush, AK"

Student Essays & Projects Advised

Honors Undergraduate Bachelor Essays Advised:

“Geography and Politics of International Wildlife Management: Salmon of the Yukon River Drainage,” Jordan Blanton, graduated May 2012.

“Globalization of English: An Analysis of Teaching Abroad for Work” Justina Sparling, graduated May 2011.

“Can India’s Poor Afford Water Pricing?” Samantha Culp, graduated May 2010.

“Political Economy of Wildlife in Africa,” Danielle Ely, graduated May 2009.

Nicole Machuca
Nicole Machuca, Student Researcher

Graduate Level Advising

“How Do People Perceive Scientific Information? A Study of the Communication of Science Using The Local Food Movement in the Lowcountry,” Megs Eichorn, graduated July 2012.

“Developing Participatory GIS Methods for Lowcountry Environmental Planning,” Liah Baker, graduated July 2012.

“Civic Responsibility Through Environmental Education: How the Lowcountry Earth Force’s Service Learning Can Involve People of Multiple Socio-Economic Statuses,” Beth Donoghue, graduated Dec 2011.

“Public Participation and Local Governance in the Charleston Green Committee,” Cameron Lowry, graduated July 2010.

“Implications of Emerging Neoliberal Politics on Conservation Governance in the South Carolina Lowcountry,” Kate Skaggs, graduated May 2010.

“Determination of the Amount of Oyster Shell Available for Recycling Across the State of South Carolina Through the Use of Surveys,” Benjamin Stone, graduated April 2010.

“An Assessment of Beaufort Regional Coastal Decision-Maker Knowledge and Needs Regarding Shoreline Change,” Stephanie Simpson, graduated April 2010.


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